Hello 2018

A New Hope.



The new year may officially begin on January 1st each year, but who made the rules that we have to begin a new regime and set new goals at that moment. I have learned over the years to gently ease myself into each new year and not run into it, pedal to the metal as it were because come February 1st the pace has become unsustainable and the setbacks more likely.

Over the last few years, I have taken a new approach, avoiding the hype of goal setting, fastidious healthy eating post indulgent eating over the festive period and letting go of the need to look too far ahead into my future with my 10-year master plan. I want to savour every God-breathed moment and embrace every entire second that ticks by and be in the moment instead of someplace else missing what is going on right where I am. I have learned to be still during January and let the noise and chaos of others getting their game on, pass me by and not feel guilty about following the crowds in search of perfection.

The dark, cold, starkness of January for me is a time to rest, reflect and refresh from a busy year gone by with the chaotic climax of Christmas, it seems to me now that to rush into the new year means rushing through the year ahead as you set a pace that is not maintainable and become disappointed way too soon, throwing out deadlines for goals and by February feeling a failure and playing catch up has taken over and I don’t want that anymore. The older I get and I will be half a century this year. The more I realise and have come to accept I do not need to conform to the hype of ‘new year, new me’! I can be happy with me full stop, not least because it’s a new year and the mistakes of the year gone by can be forgotten but because every day I wake up, I breath in the optimism of the hours ahead to enjoy being alive.

Society has gotten itself into the cycle of self-defeating habits of always embracing the new, instead of reflecting and potentially recycling what is working and not taking on new things but enjoy a steady pace of achieving, a lifestyle of good health, simple wealth and meaningful relationships. We have got into the rat race of having to be more than we are, do more than we can and have more than we need. Stretching, hustling and basically killing ourselves, because of our dire innate need to belong and be significant.

Reading this I would like to share new hope with you, that today you pause and ask yourself …

Your current goals – what are they really for? Your current lifestyle -who is it really benefitting? Have you really started your new year with a clean slate or have you just repackaged last year in a new format to fit in with what the rest of society is telling you this year should be for you and how you should go about getting it and will end up by December as tired, worn out and overstretched, and unhappy as you do every year.

Your significance is not found in the ‘hustle’ it is found in the stillness of the time you take to rest and take a deeper look at who you are on the inside and your true purpose on this earth. Everything you are on the outside is a reflection of the world you live in. Everything you are on the inside for many has yet to be fully unlocked.

Is this year just going to be a recycled rerun of every other year or will you make this year one that transforms how you do life forever? Be courageous and ask yourself ‘how is my soul, how am I on the inside?’ take time to listen to your inner answer and dare to explore the solution.

What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?

Matthew 16:26 | NIV

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