No Amount of Money Will Ever Prove Your Worth



God says not only are you accepted; you’re valuable.

How much do you think you’re worth?  I’m not talking about your net worth; I’m talking about your self-worth.  Don’t ever confuse your valuables with your value as a person.  You can be rich or poor but it has nothing to do with your value as a person. 

I don’t know about you, I want simplicity in my life. Life has become overcomplicated don’t you think? Too many false and unrealistic expectations of how we should look, feel and behave, all of us looking for quick fixes to put right the wrongs we have created in our lives, buying into the grand illusion of perfectionism, fast cars, bigger houses, and more stuff than we know what to do with.

I know how that feels the trading time for more money to buy more stuff to fulfil a need. What need? A need for approval? Security, happiness?! Does money really meet these needs? And at what cost? There is always a price to pay.

I nearly paid it.

We are just kidding ourselves, that more money and more stuff will meet our needs, hiding behind our illusion because the reality is too hard to face. That we have lost ourselves in a world of greed, lust and desire, leading us to use poor judgement and make poor decisions that do not just affect us but those around us who share our lives, because we are too small minded, and downright scared, to take a look deep inside ourselves at what is really going on.

It hurts.

Those mistakes we make eventually lead to a feeling of overwhelm and then the apathy catches us with its horrid molesting hands, eroding at our ability to thrive, our sense of well being now completely threatened. Our lives have become a facade because we chose to live incongruently to who we really are, misaligned to our true innermost core values.

Is this what you really want?

I didn’t want that.

I had to STOP and take stock of who I had become. I didn’t like what I found so I changed it. Now I pass that baton on. It’s your turn to STOP and take a moment to really think about yourself, your needs.

Who have you become?

Brushing the necessary under the carpet as you allow other things to take priority is not the answer. No amount of Prada, Super Dry, Louis Vuitton will bring you that inner happiness you truly seek. The clue is right there in front of you.

Inner happiness — this is an inside job, it is who you become not what you have that determines your worth.

Are you willing to risk it all? to have it all?

“Don’t fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have” — Louis E. Boone

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