Not Enough Hours

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Do you feel you lack discipline?

If you do I know how you feel and have often beat myself up for not sticking to a rigid routine that looks amazing written down on paper. Then reality sets in and life happens!

Perhaps you feel the same way. Well, I’ve been praying for more discipline and focus. I usually get loads done, but often I know I could do more if I were more disciplined with myself. I don’t know about you but if I am really honest, life does get in the way sometimes with unexpected, unplanned moments, but the truth is I let myself off the hook far too easily. Taking care of the family home and pets, devoting time to developing my women’s ministry, study, visiting elderly parents, dedicating time to being a good wife, friend and sister and a few more things besides all make up the framework of my everyday living. No doubt you live a similar life, you may have small children, mine are all grown up and independent but occasionally still require my time. Where do you fit time in for just you? If you are struggling for time, I hope this will help you begin thinking about your day and finding a solution that works for you.

Recently while having a morning coffee catch up with my friend Steve, he told me about a book he had read during his Christmas break. The thing that stuck in my mind was our discussion about time and how we often hear people say they have no time to do more for themselves let alone others. Yet what they really mean is they don’t want to do more. To get more out of your life it is important to be clear about what you really mean and what you really want. Being intentional and setting up expectation. The courageous thing to do is ask yourself if you are the stumbling block?

The book Steve read talked about us all having 168 hours in a week and if we were to note what we do with those hours, we can immediately see just how much time we waste. How about you over the next week you make a decision to note exactly what you do with your 168 hours, it will highlight where you need to devote more time and where you can be more productive. This will result in you getting more done, feeling more in control and enjoying a deeper sense of satisfaction with your active time. It also removes our excuses for not having time.

It has inspired me.

I made a note last week and prayed each day to become deeper focused, more disciplined and to experience an increased output. Today I woke up and knew I needed to get up and take action and make some changes to move towards my desire of being more productive, healthy and doing what is right for me to live a purpose-filled life over a procrastination-filled life.

Chuckling here to myself, as I type these words because God knows just what we need and when we let Him fully do His work within us. He lines our life up into a series of events that lead us to the moments that we have been praying for. I believe it was no coincidence I was introduced to Steve a few years ago and he has become (even though he doesn’t realise it, he is a humble man) along with a few other people in my life, an incredible mentor to me. It is important to surround ourselves with the right mentors, that will stretch us and challenge us and encourage obedience and have our spiritual growth at the heart of everything they share with us.

And as I am in the zone for being disciplined and getting more out of life. I am also committing to life without meat for the next 30 days, not because I want to be a vegetarian. For my personal wellbeing and after reading some health articles to give my gut a rest from eating animal flesh! So far so good. Fruit smoothie for brekkie and scrambled egg and avocado for lunch. Time to I commit to my well being, so it is time to trim down my Eskimo blubber. I am fifty this year … Ooh need a lie down I’ve gone all faint! I am determined to be fit and fifty, not fat and fifty. What goals do you have for yourself?

As I sit here I have one of my dogs Tink’s sound asleep and snoring next to me. It makes my heart melt to watch her so content and peaceful. She has what many people today are striving to find. I feel grateful that I am no longer allowing others to tell me who I should be, that I am no longer searching for things to make me happy, that money does not dominate my decision-making, that I am not looking for people to fill the gaps of loneliness and striving to be somebody I was not designed to be. I have found peace within, I feel cherished and completely loved and free to be totally 100% authentically myself. If you were like I once was and are still searching for answers, feeling lonely, struggling with a life challenge, then get involved with the good fellowship of people who are in life where you want to be, not stuck where you are. The quality of your friendships and fellowship = the quality of your future.

A beautiful friend gave me flowers on Saturday. They were a gorgeous cluster of closed white rose buds. This morning they were in full bloom. Proud in all their glory. Upright and victorious. They remind that God is all around us. He is continuously letting us know He is present in our lives. We can Him full glory for the beauty of creation, for the wonders of His mighty hand in our creation. With Him, we can stand upright and be victorious. When we are full of faith and trust our Heavenly Father we transform from buds into full blooms, we blossom and prosper. We let go of the labels of life and take on our true God-given identity and live a purpose-filled life.

Father, we thank you for this precious gift of life and to live the destiny you designed us for.

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